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Pest Control Newcastle

Pesti is the leading Pest Control Company in Newcastle, dealing with all types of domestic and commercial pest removal!!

Holding many years of experience in the industry, we have successfully helped our clients get rid of pest problems. Our techniques are environmental friendly. We use humane methods to deal with wildlife, rodents, and other pests.

We undertake extreme pride in being Newcastle’s premier choice for pest control. Rely on us to avail 100% safe, environmental friendly, fast, and effective pest control in both domestic and commercial environments.

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Our pest control service guarantee has helped us build a huge dedicated clientele in Newcastle and its nearby areas. If pests return between treatments or immediately after treatment, your Pesti technician will return and handle the case without charging anything extra.

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Pesti protects your home from pest infestation

Why Choose Pesti for Pest Control in Newcastle

  • Our passion to exterminate pests! We work 7 days a week to make sure none of the homes and offices are bothered by nasty pests!

  • Our prices are competitive and the services come with guarantee for quality. We do not compromise on quality no matter what.

  • We understand that business suffer when operations cease even for a few hours! Hence, we team up to ensure working after hours. This will eliminate any interruption that may occur during pest control treatment to their business. For us, convenience and comfort of customer always comes first.

  • We offer Pest Control services in Newcastle.

  • We provide child & pet safe pest treatments.

  • Our pest technicians are certified, highly skilled, licensed, and aptly insured. Hence, our customers can expect faster service.

  • Clients can simply chill before our arrival. There is no need for making any preparations for us prior to the arrival. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped for the same. We aim at minimizing client disruption as far as possible.

  • We hold many years of experience in working with houses and multi-national companies in Newcastle

  • We are fully equipped with all requisite tools for removing pest infestation.

  • We have a proven track record of eradicating rodent and German cockroach infestation.

  • We offer complete pest spray treatment with the help of safe chemical pest sprays.

  • We compile an inspection based detailed pest report after completion of project. We also provide helpful advice on pest deterrent and other options for pest treatment.

Pest Control FAQs

The cost will vary greatly as it depends entirely on the type of pest your house is infested with and the level of infestation. We will give you a quote after a proper inspection do that you can get to know the exact amount.

At Pesti, we use a variety of treatment options depending on the type of pest infestation your house has and the level of infestation. We are a licensed pest controller. All of our treatments are environmental friendly and safe on pets and kids.

Detecting termites is tough. It can produce a health issue and spread the damage to other areas. Our team of pest technicians is trained well to do termite detection. They can also catch the first sign of termites so that treatment is at the right time and damage is minimized.

It is recommended to inspect your home at least annually. In some cases, we advise clients to get their houses inspected each year. This depends on past infestations and probability of a termite attack. Our experts will inspect your house and recommend the best option for you.

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